Flexible Video

Powerful Streaming

StreamOne Video Player

Powerful and flexible HTML5 Video Player

1. Premium look & feel, blazing fast performance

2. Annotations and shoppability for e-commerce

3. Adaptable skinning, deep integration through javascript API

StreamOne Player supports MPEG-DASH, HLS standards as well as multiple types of DRM and progressive video, and will automatically pick the best technology for the device it is playing on. Combined with the StreamOne Platform, the StreamOne Player offers the fastest loading times and minimum buffer times for both Video and Audio (audio-only is also available).

The StreamOne player can be customized to fit the style of your webpage, or can be temporarily changed for special occasions. Using our easy to use skinning tools will help you change the outward appearance, so the player blends in or stand out with the rest of your content. The player allows you to customize the player to fit your website. The video experience can also be customized based on the viewer. With integrations like LiftIgniter, the StreamOne Player can make smart video recommendations using Machine Learning, which increases viewer engagement. The same integration will help with personal advertising, show ads that are more relevant to your viewers, find the right times of when not to show an ad, or use dynamic videos to show your viewers the content that is most relevant to them.

Using the player's annotations functionality it is possible to add interactive elements that interact with the website, e.g. an "add to shopping cart" button that actually adds an item to the user's shopping cart.

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