Video Platform

StreamOne is the One place to start when publishing videos online to any device, anytime, anywhere. With our easy-to-use interface, plug-and-play integrations and proven track record of successful deployments, you can unleash the potential of your video content sooner rather than later.

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Video Platform-as-a-Service

Transcode, encrypt, manage, host, distribute, backup, playback, analyse, secure, access and monetize all your videos to one or multiple brands with the StreamOne Video Platform-as-a-Service. Monetize your content, optimize engagement and CPM with our Client and Server-Side Ad Insertion (SSAI), social media and machine-learning recommendation plug-ins.

The StreamOne Video Platform-as-a-Service provides you with all the benefits of managing your own Video Platform, without the hassle of dealing with the technical details of having to maintain your own Video Platform.

Flexible Video Platform

An Online Video Platform that you can change to your liking. Whether you want to use your own video player, or you want to use a different plug-in to manage the data. The flexible Video Platform offered by StreamOne provides you with plug-and-play integrations and an easy-to-use interface.

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Part of the StreamOne flexible Video Platform is the StreamOne Video Player. The StreamOne Player provides you with even more customizable options like: full CSS skinning, AdBlock detection, many advertising options, and more.

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Ad Solutions

The StreamOne Smart Ads solution uses machine-learning recommendation that indicates the best moment to play an ad and when not to play an ad. Also, With Smart Ads, it is possible to avoid a mismatch of the duration of an advertisement and the main content and completely customize what the best match should be (e.g. a 20 second ad might be acceptable before a 90 second video, but not before a 15 second video).

Server-side Ad insertion brings a TV-like viewing experience with all the online benefits. Our True Server-Side Ad Insertion (SSAI) is integrated in the StreamOne Video Platform and offers a new way of consuming video with benefits for both end-users as content providers. For end-users, the experience will be much smoother, startup times will be lower and buffering between ads and content is eliminated. For content providers, publishers and other clients of StreamOne, the value of using Server-Side Ad insertion can be found in the possibility to monetize and personalize video on any device.

With SSAI, it also becomes possible to bypass ad-blockers, so it is key to understand what the best way and moment is to show ads to keep viewers engaged. The StreamOne Smart Ads solution does just that.

Ad budgets are shifting from traditional TV to online. With our combination of Smart Ads and SSAI, content providers, advertisers and viewers will all benefit from that shift.

Pay-as-you-grow model

StreamOne offers its full feature Video Platform-as-a-Service on a Pay-as-you-Grow model. This will help you to manage and distribute your video content with the best plug-and-play integrations and tools like Server-side Ad insertion and Machine Learning recommendations at a cost level appropriate for the amount of views and videos you need to handle.