Flexible Video

Powerful Streaming

StreamOne Video Platform

Easily publish and monetize your videos

1. Supports multiple brands, workflows and integrations

2. Easy integration of apps and websites through API

3. End-to-end solution including DRM and 3rd Party support

StreamOne allows you to manage your content with the intuitive and easy-to-use StreamOne Manager, supporting multiple titles/brands all with their own workflows, managed by multiple users, all with their own roles and permissions. Transcode, encrypt, manage, host, distribute, backup, playback, analyse, secure, access and monetize all your videos to one or multiple brands with the StreamOne Video Platform-as-a-Service. Monetize your content, optimize engagement and CPM with our Client and Server-Side Ad Insertion (SSAI), social media and machine-learning recommendation plug-ins.

The StreamOne Video Platform-as-a-Service provides you with all the benefits of managing your own Video Platform, without the hassle of dealing with the technical details of having to maintain your own Video Platform. An Online Video Platform that you can change to your liking. Whether you want to use your own video player, or you want to use a different plug-in to manage the data. The flexible Video Platform offered by StreamOne provides you with plug-and-play integrations and an easy-to-use interface.

Part of the StreamOne flexible Video Platform is the StreamOne Video Player. The StreamOne Player provides you with even more customizable options like: full CSS skinning, AdBlock detection, many advertising options, and more.

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