Smart Ads and Recommendations

Engage your viewers with our Smart Ads and Smart Recommendations solutions.

  • Add personalized recommendations base on machine learning to increase viewer engagement.
  • Optimize the moment you show an advertisement and the duration of the advertisements
  • Show more relevant ads to greatly improve the user experience

Give your users a TV-like experience with all the online benefits with our Server-Side Ad-Insertion (SSAI) solution

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AI based Recommendations

Through our plug-and-play architecture and stack of pre-integrations, it is easy to add best-of-breed solutions to your video platform. One of the most popular add-ons is the Smart Recommendations tool that we offer with our partner Liftigniter.

LiftIgniter head of business Adam Spector: “Machine intelligence is like a golden shot to your company – you think you have optimized your user experience and then you turn on machine learning and see an immediate 80% improvement in engagement, clicks, and conversions. Suddenly your formerly static site and app has become intelligent and dynamic – reacting in real-time to each user impression. We helped build this at Google. We started LiftIgniter to let everyone else have access to similar technology and stay competitive.”

Server-Side Ad Insertion

Server-Side Ad insertion brings a TV-like viewing experience with all the online benefits. Our True Server-Side Ad Insertion (SSAI) is integrated in the StreamOne Video Platform and offers a new way of consuming video with benefits for both end-users as content providers.

For end-users, the experience will be much smoother, startup times will be lower and buffering between ads and content is eliminated. For content providers, publishers and other clients of StreamOne, the value of using Server-Side Ad insertion can be found in the possibility to monetize and personalize video on any device.

With SSAI, it also becomes possible to bypass ad-blockers, so it is key to understand what the best way and moment is to show ads to keep viewers engaged. The StreamOne Smart Ads solution does just that.

Ad budgets are shifting from traditional TV to online. With our combination of Smart Ads and SSAI, content providers, advertisers and viewers will all benefit from that shift.

NAB Show demonstration

View our Smart Ads and True Server-Side Ad Insertion demonstration at the NAB Show in 2017 here: