Digital Marketers

It is easy to drop all your videos next to millions of other videos on a free online video sharing site, but how does that generate leads or traffic to your site? It is time to take back control of your videos and increase leads to your brand. The StreamOne Video Platform and Player – the most flexible online video solution available – provides Digital Marketers, Media Agencies and brands the tools to manage, publish and monetize their video content.

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Reach new audiences and generate leads

Reach new audiences, generate leads and improve your brand using the award-winning StreamOne Video Platform-as-a-Service (VPaaS).

You want to make an impact. You want viewers to remember you. You want to reach a growing audience and tell your story your way in your context. You want to measure results.

Take control with the StreamOne Video Platform that enables you to:

Publish videos to any brand, title or domain

Leverage social media to work for you

Manage one or multiple brands, all from one platform

Easily make videos interactive yourself

Add call-to-actions and annotations

Get insights with StreamOne Statistics

Customize the look-and-feel to your brand

Control the context of the video

Add personalized recommendations (automatically)


If you want to know more about the StreamOne Online Video Platform and how it can help you generate more leads and improve your brand, contact us now.

The worlds most customizable player