Related, related article and autoplay next

When a related playlist is given in the player options via 'related: relatedplaylistURL' related items will be shown at the end of the initial playlist.
When combined with 'autoplaynext_enabled: true' this will automatically start playing the first item of this related playlist after a set timeout.
'related_article_button_enabled: true' can be used to expose a button that will refer to the shareurl of the playlist that will be opend in a new tab.

StreamOne player setup

StreamOnePlayer('video', {
	skin: 'skin/default/streamone.css',
	playlist: playlist,
	related: 'related.json',
	autoplaynext_enabled: true,
	autoplaynext_follow: 'firstvideo',
	autoplaynext_timeout: 1000,
	autoplaynext_announcement: 1000,
	related_article_button_enabled: true,
	related_button_enabled: true
}, function() {
	player = this;

Playlist JSON